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Forum Rules: A Work in Progress

Started by Kimberly Gordon, Jan 04, 2023, 09:29 AM

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Kimberly Gordon

I haven't posted any forum rules yet, but they'll be along the same lines as FFF. No major changes. I don't even think I have a copy of the original FMs rules any more, so I've copied the FFF rules into Evernote as a template and will start working on a simplified version for here.

Right now we have 29 registered members. The original forums had over 8000! So I don't expect too many problems here, and will be taking a pretty relaxed approach to these forums. I prefer to keep things simple and I don't want to spend a lot of time moderating, but need something to point to in case we do get any trolls or troublemakers.

crazylady aka Susan


Wife to Dale.  Mom to three and Grammy to two