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A Few Tips For Navigating This Forum

Started by MsMarieH, Jan 04, 2023, 08:52 AM

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Just fyi to help you get around, in case you didn't notice these things...

1) If you look above or below the topic window, you will see a path of the folders where the post is located (also known as "bread crumbs"). This may help you get around quickly. Clicking the Orange HOME button in the top left corner takes you back to the main forum page that shows all the forums.

2) You can tell which forums have new threads by the orange balloon next to the Forum name. You could also see all of the new threads by clicking Unread Posts at the top (right below the Frugal Moms' logo. This will show you every individual post. To the right of Unread Posts in the navigation menu is Updated Topics. Rather than showing all the individual new posts, it will show the threads that have received new posts.

3) If you don't want to re-read posts you have already read, clicking the Orange NEW button next to topic names will take you to the beginning of new posts on that thread. If you click on the thread name, it takes you to the first post in that thread. If you click on the date to the right, it will take you to the last post on that thread.

4) At the top of the columns, you can click on the hyperlinks to sort by that item (subject line, who started the thread, etc.) When you are copying threads over from the other forum, you might find it easier to do your own threads if you sort them by name.

5) To edit posts, you can click Quick Edit just to make content changes. If you want to make other changes, like formatting, click the More button in the bottom right corner, then Modify.


crazylady aka Susan

Thanks!  I was wondering how to skip things I had already read.

Wife to Dale.  Mom to three and Grammy to two


Thanks.  It's always a struggle getting use to a new format.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.--Dr. Suess