Just an FYI, Fractured.net is now redirecting to the new FM forums

Started by BearlyDoug, Feb 02, 2023, 10:18 AM

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All links to Fractured are now redirecting to the main FM forums home page. I will keep this redirect in place for the next year.

For the record, I will also be phasing out the @fractured.net email addresses, since I will eventually put that domain up for sale (hoping a gaming company purchases it). Once I have completed the email transition, I'll share my updated email with y'all (in a member's only (AKA no guest views) area).
Yep, it's lil ol' me.



You've been so amazing all these years, Doug. Thank you! ♥
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Thank you, Douglas, for taking care of this community for so very long. I'm glad it can keep going here.


Thank you, Douglas for all the hard work and the generosity that you've displayed for many years.


I'll add my Thank You to you as well, Douglas. We appreciate all the work you have done for us.


Thanks.  I was sad to take the FFF tab off my favorites bar but it has been replaced with Frugal Moms, so all is good.  Thanks for looking out for us like a great Papa Bear.

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