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Where/Who are We Now?

Started by davidsdesire, Dec 29, 2022, 05:17 PM

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I joined FMs around 2000 or so after my third son was born. I've been with F3 since the beginning, but I have not been active the last few years. My three guys are all grown up, no grandchildren, but the oldest, 28, is getting married in June. I have been single again for almost 8 years now. Happier than I was married. Who knew? I own my own home, paid off my car last March and am still saving money towards the next one. The only thing I owe on is my house. I have learned so much from you ladies through the year (and a few men). I will work on being more active as well.  ;D


Quote from: threeguysmom on Jan 02, 2023, 01:00 PMI have been single again for almost 8 years now. Happier than I was married. Who knew?
those of us who have been divorced.  We knew.  :P


Joined FMs in 1998.  I'm actually still on most of the groups that split off, although the rest are all on Facebook.  I am COVID forced retired, which left me just short of 50 years of working in the professional arts, primarily at the Kennedy Center.  I still do props for regional and community theater.  Still work with various dance groups.  My oldest is divorced, one soon to be 8 granddaughter. The younger dd has an 18 month old, and they are living with us. And that part is good.  Dealing with baby daddy is NOT.

We have a cabin --I guess log home would better describe it -- in West VA.  DH spends a lot of time there.  I'm just more of a city girl.  So we go back and forth. 

Out There

I joined back in 1998.  Got a divorce in 2004.  Still in the same home; love my neighborhood and my neighbors.  Met GC in 2007, and we're still going strong after fifteen years.  We know how lucky we are.  I retired in 2020 (Covid); first year was tough because of the pandemic; now I'm fine with it.  I volunteered at lots of Covid clinics, work very part-time with the Unitarian church in Greenfield  MA, just recently trained to substitute at our local library.  I usher at church, I'm on the scholarship committee, I'm the Church Clerk, help at receptions, volunteer at the local fuel assistance program - I like to keep busy.


I must have joined Frugal Moms in 1998.  I've been married for 33 years to the bestest man.  We have 2 kids, one who is 31 and another who will be 29 later in the month. We've lived in the same house for 32 years, still our "starter" home.   Ds is married and lives in Singapore, soon to be Korea.  Love my ddil.  Dd is still living with us.  I let my weight get up far too high and had vertical sleeve bariatric surgery in December of 2021.  I've lost 103 lbs so far and have 50 or 60 more pounds to lose. I say I am retired now.  Dh will retire in December of 2023.  I've been approved to be on the local library's board of trustees which will start in 2 weeks.  First volunteer job I've had since ds was in Boy Scouts. 


Glad to see you doing things markie!


Quote from: markie on Jan 04, 2023, 11:01 PMDs is married and lives in Singapore, soon to be Korea. 

Hahaha... for a moment I read this as Singapore was becoming part of Korea... LOL ROFL


markie, 103 pounds!  wow!  like having a whole new life, isn't it??



Not really sure when I joined FM, but I joined FFF in 2003.

Married (to the same guy, for better or worse) for 32 years.  We built our own house and are still living in it.  It's about 25 years old now.  Still work for the same hospital, on the same unit for 32 years also.

Two dks.  Dd is 26, graduated with a music education degree but that didn't work out too well and she's currently working at a chiropractic office.  Ds is 24 and graduated with an engineering degree and is working as an electrical engineer in Austin.  Dd is in Dallas.  Ds is engaged (for the past 5-ish years but no time frame for the actual wedding). Home base is Quinlan, TX, which is about 45 miles due east of Dallas.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.--Dr. Suess


Hi, I joined here not long after you all moved over from another group, but goodness knows when that was or what the other group was called  :) 
I'm a Brit living in the East of the UK, and when all the other Brits slowly left F3 I hung around because I really liked you all, and because my life circumstances forced me to get more and more frugal.
Over the years we found out that all three of our sons are on the autistic spectrum, with Hamish our beloved youngest also having learning difficulties(and other health problems) and he will probably live with us for a very long time.  Just before the pandemic our oldest son also came back to live with us and we form a slightly strange but very happy family unit.

Kimberly Gordon

Welcome, LilySue! So glad to have a Brit among us!

Two of my five boys are also on the autism spectrum. Connor is grown now, Jamie is school-aged with developmental delays and sensory issues. I've been homeschooling both of my school-aged kids since 2020. Best decision I ever made. Jamie is learning at his own pace and doing very well.


I joined FM's, F3 so many years ago I can't  remember - my girls were quite young and I am now a grandmother !!!

I haven't been around much but have lost my way a bit and wanted to reconnect ... was a bit confused when I tried to get on F3, I have obviously missed a lot - nice to see lots of familiar faces though.



Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.--Dr. Suess


Nice to see you again!  I think most of us have gotten a little lost as life situations changed.  I'm a grandmother now as well AND dd2 and toddler are living with us.  The life changes present new frugality challenges.